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Welcome to our site! Please take a look around and see what adventures we have offers, Mount Rinjani Trekking Packages via Sembalun and Senaru ascent routes with professional guide-porters Senaru and tour Lombok island to the favorites destinations with great services and low cost.

Trekking Packages Via Sembalun Village

Trekking Rinjani Indonesia via Sembalun village in east Lombok ascent route to explore Mt. Rinjani start on 1.150 m. above sea level to crater Rim Sembalun 2.639 m, summit 3.726 m (2 days 1 night summit only for experienced hiker or who with good level of fitness), down to the lake and hot spring 2.000 m, up to crater rim Senaru 2.641 m then last day down to Senaru village 601 m (3 days 2 nights and 4 days 3 nights summit lake suitable for beginner hiker with good level of fitness).

2 Days 1 Night Summit Rinjani

Mount Rinjani Trekking to Summit 2 days 1 night package start from Sembalun to the crater rim Sembalun village, summit Mt Rinjani and return to Sembalun village.Read More

3 Days 2 Nights Summit - Lake

Hiking Mount Rinjani 3 days 2 nights Summit and Segara Anak lake package starting from Sembalun to the crater rim Sembalun, summit, Lake and down to Senaru village.Read More

4 Days 3 Nights Summit - Lake

Trekking Mount Rinjani 4 days 3 nights Summit and Lake Segara Anak starting from Sembalun to the crater rim Sembalun, summit, Lake and descend to Senaru village.Read More

Hiking Packages Via Senaru.

Hiking Rinjani via Senaru village, North of Lombok ascent route to explore Mount Rinjani Lombok, starting from Senaru village 601 m. asl (above sea level) to crater Rim Senaru 2.641 m, down to the lake and also hot spring 2.000 m (2 days 1 night crater rim Senaru or 3 days 2 night to the lake suitable for beginner hiker), up to crater rim Sembalun 2.639 m, climb up to summit 3.726 m, and finally last day down to Sembalun village 1.150 m (4 days 3 nights lake and summit via Senaru suitable for experienced hiker).

crater rim Senaru

2 Days 1 Night Crater Rim Senaru

Hiking Rinjani to Crater rim Senaru 2 days 1 night program start on 601m above sea level at Senaru village to crater rim Senaru 601m camp the night and next day return.

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3 Days 2 Nights Segara Anak Lake

Hiking Rinjani to Segara Anak lake 3 days 2 nights via Senaru village on 601m to crater rim Senaru, lake, hot spring and return to Senaru village.

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4 Days 3 Nights Lake and Summit

Hiking Mt Rinjani to Lake and summit 4 days 3 nights via Senaru village on 601m, to crater rim Senaru, lake, hot spring, crater rim Sembalun, summit and trek.

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Tour Lombok Island and Camping

Sendang Gile Waterfall

This tour covers northern Lombok. You will experience the beautiful nature, culture and see how the people have lived in this region for centuries. Start your trip fromLearn More

Benang Stukel Waterfall

Benang Stukel waterfall location About 25 kilometers to the east of Mataram these two beautiful waterfalls are hidden in the rice fields and the hills at the foot of RinjaniLearn More

pergasingan hill

Camping Pergasingan Hill

Hiking and Camping two days-one night, incredible experience over Pergasingan Hill near Sembalun Village and end in the waterfall Sajang village east Lombok.

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pink beach

Pink Beach Lombok

Pink beach is the new placed for tourist around the world. Here we will see the pink color sandy and green beach water, is best time to visited this place in noonLearn More

gili kondo

Gili Kondo Island Tour

Gili Kondo is a small island located in the Sambelia District, 50 km north of Selong. It can be reached from the Sambelia Transat coast by boat in about 25 minutes

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gili nanggu

Gili Nanggu Day Tour

Gili Nanggu Day tour you may see the secret island Gili Nanggu in west lombok surrounding with white sandy beaches, colorful of fishes while on snorkeling

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