About Us

My name is Very was born in Senaru, north Lombok, at the foot of Mount Rinjani, which is the official main route and the track to hike to Mount Rinjani to crater rim Senaru, Segara anak lake and summit Mt Rinjani.

As a Senaru people my hobby is adventurer and my main jobs of since 2000 are as a guide to Mount Rinjani, which I do with pleasure because i can make friends with people from all over the world and at the same time earning income a decent enough.

Having had enough experience as a guide, now i own new business opened in 2016 a travel agent named Very Adventure located in the main route to Mount Rinjani in Senaru Village, North Lombok Indonesia.

The main purpose of setting up this effort in addition to earn income more than just a guide but to the regeneration the guides in our village, because it’s been a lot of young guides to replace me as a guide, and of course now I prefer to concentrate on looking for the climbers from all over the world came to Mount Rinjani and Lombok island through our travel agency.

As travel agency we will strive to always preserve nature of Mount Rinjani, which is a tourist attraction that gives us enough income and will always maintain the quality of service we provide to the climbers were satisfied to enjoy with the natural beauty of Mount Rinjani and alaways do the climb with safety standards mountaineering to all our client of the climber and tour to favorites destination within Lombok island with great service and low cost.